Start with a well-cleaned grill and preheat it. If you're using a charcoal grill, wait until the coals are white. For gas grills, use a thermometer. Leave space around each cut of meat to allow for even heat penetration. Cooking time will vary depending on the cut of meat. Once off the grill, wait at least five minutes before serving to give the juices a chance to settle back in and add more flavor.


Tenderizing makes meats softer, improves texture and insures meats cook evenly.

Prior to cooking, lightly sprinkle tenderizer evenly over meat. Use sparingly, a little goes a long way (1 tsp. per lb.). Pierce meat with fork to insure best results. Let tenderizer work between 10 - 30 minutes before cooking depending on thickness of meat. Do not add salt.


Our marinades infuse meat with flavor by breaking down the meats fibers and keep it moist while cooking.

Always cover and refrigerate meat and poultry as it marinates. Marinate food in glass bowls or better yet, resealable plastic bags for easy cleanup. As a general rule marinate any cut for up to two hours, large cuts can be marinated overnight for more flavor.


When cooked at high heat the rub will create a light crust of flavor that locks in the juices and flavors the meat inside.

Apply liberally to a good piece of meat to add a wallop of flavor. When applying spice rubs you can lay it on heavily as the intense flavor of the spices is mellowed by cooking.


Apply your favorite Rib Rack sauce liberally to meat or poultry while cooking or basting.

Use right before the meat has fully cooked if you prefer a light searing crust. Don’t forget to set some aside for pourin’ on the finished dish.