All Natural.
We use all fresh high quality garden ingredients.
No Junk.
The leading brand is mostly HFCS with added artificial flavors and colors.

Why open another jar of BBQ Sauce or Marinade that was engineered to sit on a shelf for years and pour it over your fresh food? We couldn’t find one good reason. Real food simply tastes better.

We use only garden fresh ingredients.

Real food simply tastes better. ALways has, always will. that includes sauces and marinades. That's why we prepare ours fresh without any high fructose corn syrup or artifical preservatives.

The only thing we preserve is a collection of our favorite recipes.

We were natural before being natural was fashionable.

Passion drives everything that we do, with one goal in mind — to make the best BBQ Sauces, Marinades, and Spice Rubs available on the market today.

We believe that food should be good for you and that starts by using the highest quality, all natural garden ingredients. This is the belief that our company was founded on years ago and it still is at the core of everything we do today.

All of our growth has come by word of mouth — people telling each other about how much they love our fresh, all natural BBQ products. Our resources go directly into making the highest quality BBQ products available.